Leg Day, Thai Food, and Other Shenanigans

Hi everyone and happy Saturday! The day we probably have all been waiting for so that we can spend it lying around, drinking some tea, watching some TV, and most importantly relaxing from our long and stressful week. Well for most people that might be true, but for me I am lucky enough to work weekends as well, got to make that extra cash.

Yesterday I invited my awesome friend Edly, pronounced like Ellie, to go to the gym with me. We decided on doing leg day. Here is how our hour and half at the gym went.

15 minutes elliptical

15 minutes bike

15 minutes stairs

45 minutes of lunges with weights, and other weight machines around the gym


The time just flew by and today my legs are DYING!!!

As a reward my father was celebrating his 67th birthday, so I knew I would be going out to eat. It wasn’t the healthiest combination of food, because a lot of the options were fried and filled with different meats and vegetables. I listened to myself, I ate one piece of each delicious fried option, ate the soup, and ordered a meal, but was only able to take a few bites before my stomach told me I had had enough. Although it wasn’t the healthiest dinner, having done leg day earlier that morning made me feel a little less guilty, plus everyone needs one cheat day.

How did you spend your Friday?



2 thoughts on “Leg Day, Thai Food, and Other Shenanigans

  1. My Friday was hectic at work, with no break and very little lunch eaten!! :-/
    When I got home I told my hubby that it was an early tea day as I was STARVING! I raided the the freezer for some carbs, whilst feeling virtuous that the rest of my plate consisted of Turkey and salad – not too bad, but it did involve a desert of wonderful cream cake that was baked for us, by some friends who visited the previous day, I’ll pop a picture of it on a post! You won’t believe your eyes!!! Needless to say I spent the rest of the night feeling rather full… But then hubby dragged me out for a run to ease my guilt LOL 🙂

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