I have an obsession with overnight oats

This week I have started to replace my, boring and sometimes nonexistent, breakfast with overnight oats. Overnight oats are simple and require no cooking. You simply add yogurt, milk, and oats in a container that can be sealed, then you go nuts with delicious and healthy toppings. Some of favorite toppings have been fruits, peanut butter, granola, and honey.

Here are examples of my creations this week, feel free to be as inventive as you want, this is your breakfast so why not make it fun.

IMG_7204Bananas and granola

IMG_7214Granola and Grapes, you can’t see the grapes because they are mixed with the yogurt and milk.

IMG_7229Citrus Wonderland was an attempt to stay away from colds this season. Tangerine and Peach are my toppings.


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