Weekly Goals

At the beginning of the month I had a pair of black pants that I really wanted to fit into, and today I finally fit into them. Now that I have reached one goal it is time to make another one.


This week my goal is to incorporate one hour of working out each day, into my healthy lifestyle. I just tried on two of the jeans in my closet and didn’t fit either one properly. One pair I can fit into, but just barely, and the other pair I can’t even get past my thighs. I remember a time when I fit them both and thinking I was still fat. This time around things will be different, I am learning not only to be healthy, but to love the body I have. Next time I try on these jeans it will be October 15th, are you ready to find out if I get closer to my dream clothes????


Can’t wait to fit into these pants again!!! They were so hot and super trendy.


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