The Breakfast That Keeps You Full ALL Day

After coming back from the synagogue for the end of Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement, I really wanted to make a delicious, healthy, and dairy filled breakfast. I have not been a fan of oatmeal, quiet frankly I sort of hate it, but I knew it was time to get used to it.

My body is very sensitive, so when intaking a meal that has a lot of protein, fiber, and calcium I really have to take things slow and build up my in-take. For this particular morning I chose to do the 1/3 cup yogurt, milk, and oats. Then this morning when I took it out of the fridge I added a whole banana, granola, and honey.

What I learned? I have to start off even smaller, so tomorrow I will only make a 1/4 of everything. I was so full half way through the meal that it took me a long time to finish and now I feel a bit heavy.





This past week I have stopped counting calories, I know WHATTTTTTT!!!, is probably the thought going through your head. I have still lost weight. It just makes you realize that it isn’t all about calories, it’s about eating clean food, listening to your body, and knowing when and if you are hungry. That is the BEST advice I can give when on the road toward a healthy and strong body.

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3 thoughts on “The Breakfast That Keeps You Full ALL Day

  1. Good for you, I gave up on calories a while ago and have never looked back, but for some people it’s the only thing that works for them – we’re all unique. This dish looks delicious and filling, I’ll give it a go, I always end up with mid-morning munchies at work, this could be the cure! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • yea i always have a hard time eating breakfast because i wake up so early and nothing looks appealing. Tomorrow morning will be interesting and yes i think it is so important to listen to your body because we are all so different.

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