Eggs, Veggies, and Hash Browns…YUM!

Today I made the perfect meal, an omelette filled with vegetables and a side of sweet potato hash browns. Warning, since i used two eggs, the meal was very heavy and i ended up being full for a really long time, I still feel extremely full. Each body type is different, mine is super sensitive, so next time I will have to use only one egg. Or I might have to eat half of the portion and save the rest for later.


cut all your vegetables to small or medium sizes.

IMG_7188put olive oil on pan, set vegetables in the pan, let them sit for 5-10 minutes.

IMG_7190Add the egg into the pan, lower the heat, let the egg cook and harden, then flip.

Hash browns:

IMG_7182Get medium sized baked potato

IMG_7183peel the potato

IMG_7184grade the potato

IMG_7189put olive oil in the pan and mix the potato in.



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