How To Cook Spaghetti Squash


Recently I have been spending a lot of time reading cooking and food blogs. I asked my dad to buy me spaghetti squash after seeing the lean secrets video. For some reason I just love recipes better, I guess I’m more of a word person what can I say, so I also looked it up on google.

For this recipe I utilized The Kitchn blog recipe. If you haven’t heard about this blog already you are missing out, they have foods not only based on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also on times of year!!! They make the instructions super easy to follow and always intriguing to read.


First Step: Cut the squash in half

Second Step: season squash with pepper, salt, garlic powder, and olive oil

Step Three: Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

Step Four: Put squash in for 45 minutes

Step Five: Take Squash out and scrape the inside.


For the sauce I used tomato paste from Trader Joe’s, added some water, some garlic powder, some salt, and some black pepper. I’m planning on making pizza stuffed zucchini tomorrow with the extra left over sauce.




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