September Goals

Happy September everyone!!!! It has been officially a month since I started changing my bad habits and look at me I’m already 10lbs lighter. So what will September bring? What new changes will you be making this month?


Here are mine:

1. Joined a gym, I’m hoping that by joining a gym I will be able to tone my body, get out my frustration, and maybe even make some new friends around my town.


2. Learn to cook 3 new dishes; Healthy Brownies, Healthy Green Bean Casserole, and Healthy Chicken Parmesan. With all the Jewish holidays this month I will have plenty of time to practice and bring something delicious to the table.


3. Go down 1 pant size. Currently I am a size 8 so i’m hoping that by october I might be able to squeeze my bootie into a size 6, but I guess we will see.


4. Go on a hike. I always say I will go on a hike and I never do. With the leaves changing and the weather turning crispy I think that hiking is just the perfect thing to do this month.


5. Create a meal prep system that works best for me.


These are my five goals for this month. What are yours? If you have an suggestions or ideas I would love to hear from you all. Happy September and let’s get this Fall season started.


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