Zucchini and Sweet Potato, So Easy Anyone Can Do It

To make my lunch today I used two youtube recipes. The first one was for sweet potato wedges. Then only thing I changed was instead of cayenne pepper, which I can’t handle, I used a TINY bit of Chili Pepper. Also I only used one sweet potato instead of two, just too much for me personally.

Here is the YouTube Video 

1. Peal the sweet potato and then cut it into wedges

2. Use egg whites, one egg for one potato, two eggs for two potatoes

3. You want to soak the sweet potato in the egg whites

4. Season the potatoes with black pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper (chili pepper)

5. pre-heat oven to 500 degrees

6. Put the sweet potatoes on a tray, sprayed with olive oil or non stick spray. Spray some olive oil also on the zucchini and add a little cheese if you would like.

7. Cook for 10 minutes and check to see if they are done (for me it took about 30 minutes because I cooked the zucchini on the same tray)

Zucchini Video

1. Cut up the zucchinis (I used only two)

2. Set aside battered egg (I added a bit of skim milk to the mixture)

3. In a separate bowl have the bread crumbs (I used regular bread crumbs not italian)

4. Dip the zucchini in the egg and then in the bread crumbs, then set it on a non stick pan

5. Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees

6. When done stick the tray in the oven and let it cook for 10 minutes, then check (it took me 20 minutes for the zucchini to be done.


IMG_6920 IMG_6922 IMG_6923


I paired my two veggies with a side salad. Israeli salad contains only cucumber, radish, tomato, scallions, olive oil, and salt.



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