Sometimes you have to Fail to Succeed

This past week my workout and food has slowly been derailing. Midnight snacks and lazier workouts have led me to start feeling kind of glum. Then I did the biggest sin of all and I weighed myself. It was such a depressing thing to do, but what I failed to notice, more like forgot, is how far I had come in the past two months. I’m not HUGE. At 5’5 or 5’6 and weighing 154lbs I don’t have a MASSIVE amount of weight to loose. What I do have is to strengthen my body and to sculpt my muscles.


That voice telling you that you can’t do it. That voice telling you that you are alone and have no support, that voice is a liar. There are so many of us trying to live a better and fitter life and it is not always about the scale, but about the learning. Tonight I just fell off the wagon. I opened a carton of ice cream and just went to town, I ate some left over chicken, and I even swallowed some grapes, but then I suddenly stopped. I thought “what am i doing?” Change happens now, not tomorrow. So what if I ate some unncessary stuff, this just gives me an excuse to work out harder. So I marched down-stairs and I worked out as hard as i possibly could.


Life is hard, you have work, you have drama, my boyfriend is in Australia for 5 months, my family hasn’t been the greatest or friendlist of them all, and sometimes you truly feel alone. Just remember you are not. I am here and so many others just like me. Let’s support each other.



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