Level 2 is No Joke

Today is happened!! I started Level 2 of 30 Day Shred! It is like three times harder than level one so be ready people. I could barely make it through all the moves but I gave it my best shot. It felt so good to be over, but at the same time I can’t wait to do the video again tomorrow. The best thing about Jillian is she really pushes you to reach your potential and she encourages you to never give up. When I’m doing the workout I almost feel like she is talking to me, training me one on one. It was an amazing workout and I think this is a start to an amazing 10 days.


IMG_6864A light breakfast to kick start the day

IMG_6867This are delicious!!!! I brought 5 to work with me and practically gulped them down. I love the amazing food that trader joe’s has.

IMG_6870My mom made paella probably one of the greatest things ever!! So guess my no meat thing totally went out the window. A good way to balance the rice and meat was VEGGIES!!! I love vegetables.


IMG_6869Snack #1

IMG_6871Snack #2 and #3









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