Trader Joe My Favorite Place To Go

I love Trader Joe’s they always have such amazing snacks. I was searching for healthy snacks I can take with me to work and just much if I get a craving for chips or Cheetos. Well lucky me I found three awesome snacks that will be able to do just that.


Sorry about the blurriness, but I hope you can see.

1. Kashi with Chocolate and Peanut Butter; helps me get my chocolate kick while still using all natural ingredients.

2. Snack-O; taste just like onion rings but are amazing, baked, and so much healthier than the store brand onion rings.

3. Inner Peas; delicious, crunchy, and salty will help me stay away from chips.

I love salty and sugary but this alternatives are a great way to enjoy and indulge in moderation, while still remaining healthy.


What are your favorite snacks?


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