Do it Like the Russians Do

Today my mother and I spent some quality time in the kitchen learning how to make Russian meatballs. I was going to put a step by step, but everything was in Russian and my mother has a way of changing up the recipe to make it healthier, because no offense, but Russian food can be so unhealthy and fattening. I am hoping that soon I will be able to put up more recipes for you all to have. Anyways the meatballs came out amazing, the a sauce was pure vegetables with a dash of ketchup to thicken the sauce. I have decided that for the next three days I will be taking a break from meat meat, not protein, because I have been eating to much of it and am starting to fill a little bleh. I know my body well enough to know what cause it to feel a bit down. Some good news; tomorrow will be the last day of 30 day shred level 1, then it is on to level 2!!!! Things are great and my body is really starting to shape up.


have a wonderful week everyone and let’s start it off strong.

IMG_6815I forgot to take a pictures of my breakfast before I ate it. I had a slice of rye bread with 2 pieces of provolone, ultra thin, and 5 green olives.

IMG_6825Lunch; 2 slices of rye bread, turkey, olives, and tomato, with a little bit of avocado.

IMG_6836Dinner; 3 Meatballs made of chicken, zucchini, tomato, onion, and a tiny bit of ketchup for the sauce.

IMG_6814Snack #1

IMG_6820Snack #2

IMG_6838Snack #3

IMG_6842Snack #4









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