Day 7 of Shred

Staying on track as I had to day six of 30 Day Shred. Have to get a workout in tonight and one tomorrow before my second job. I know that weekends tend to be tougher because there is more time and the laziness and relaxation just want to creep in and steer you away from working out, but DON’T let them!!! Weekends are a great way to stay on track and prepare yourself for the upcoming week. Cook more, prepare meals for the week, and food shop, that is my plan at least.

IMG_6780breakfast this morning was a nice change. I prepared a cheese sandwich with green olives and popped the whole thing into the toaster oven. YUMMMM it came out amazing.

IMG_6784Turkey slices, green olives, in a pita bread, and a peach.


Turkey sausage, corn, and Israeli Couscous!!! It was incredible i really couldn’t ask for a better mom. Oh and she also made amazing salad. My life is pretty much complete.


My snacks for today consisted of chocolate, sweetened tea and a piece of french bread. I came home so hungry, because my bus was stuck in traffic.

IMG_6785 IMG_6786 IMG_6787





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