Morning to Night; Day 6

Hello lovelies. Today I made a nice side dish for my amazing dinner. I sautéed mushrooms with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. It was so simple, but it came out so delicious. I am feeling amazing, even got a compliment at work that I look great.

IMG_6765Cherry tea, it is amazing and such a great way to start the day. It makes me feel so alive.

IMG_6772Dry cereal. Today just did not seem like a dairy filled day. Learn to listen to your body, it is always telling you how it feels, what it wants, and how you should treat it.

IMG_6768Leftover Casserole for lunch with a side of green olives. I am obsessed with green olives. My whole meal was filled with vegetables, cheese, and a little carbs. It was perfect to carry me through the day.

IMG_6776homemade chicken cutlets used with all natural ingredients, my own mushroom making, green salad, and olives.



My snack for the day!!! I needed a little chocolate. Looking for healthy, chemical free alternative, but for now I’m using what I have around the house.

Now onto 6th day of “30 Day Shred”


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