Morning to Dinner; Day 5

A wonderful surprise was left for me when I got home today, a gorgeous casserole filled with eggplant, cheese, potatoes, and red pepper. My mouth was watering from excitement and my stomach was even more happy. Eating vegetables doesn’t have to be boring if you finding interesting and flavorful recipes to make the experience joyful. I am happy to say that it has been 5 days and I am still feeling incredibly great.

*Tip of the day: Start your day drinking a cup of hot tea with lemon. It helped me a lot, because I wake up at 6am and never really feel like eating breakfast. Drinking tea helps start my digestive system going and prepares me for a light breakfast.


Breakfast this morning was a yogurt and some hot tea. My stomach didn’t feel up to the challenge of consuming anymore food, probably due to the early wake up call. I am hoping to start making shakes by the beginning of next week to get more nutrition in my morning meal.

IMG_6756Ran to Starbucks after breakfast to catch a Tall Carmel Mocchiato. I needed it so bad to start the day and it was oh so delicious. My indulgence for the day.


IMG_6760A sandwich for lunch. I made my sandwich with Russian Rye Bread, Organic Mayo, Turkey slices, and 4 green olives. It was so delicious and filling. I love this sandwich it is one of my favorites to make.

IMG_6762Dinner consisted of my mom’s amazing Casserole and a green salad, lettuce, cucumber, and scallions with a tangy lemon dressing.

IMG_6763Nothing finishes the night off quite like a peach. All in all it was an amazing day. Feeling full, looking great, and getting ready to start working out; Day 5 of “30 Day Shred.”


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