Food Log; Day 4

After getting a decent amount of sleep I was able to grab all the essentials for the day. Fortunately my mother was in a cooking mood today so when I came home from work she had everything prepared for me. Hoping to get some cooking done tomorrow or Friday. It’s been such a crazy busy day and I’m about to head to the basement and finish off “30 Day Shred” for the 4th day.

IMG_6738Corn Flakes. I tend to eat almost the same breakfast everyday during the week. On the weekend, since i wake up later, I like to cook a nice morning breakfast.

IMG_6744lunch consisted of coffee (I had two today), leftover rice, and yogurt. I don’t like eating a big lunch because I eat in my office and sit all day. If i eat a big lunch I usually feel really bloated.

IMG_6751Paella made by my amazing mother. She used turkey sausage. Recipe was found on Food Wishes . Super easy to do and delicious.

I’m feeling amazing. I am feeling full of energy and life. Good food and good exercise it is the only way to go.


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